Water Reuse

ABCO promotes the sensible reuse of all treated waste water generated by its water and wastewater treatment solutions. The forms of water reuse that are commonly implemented by ABCO customers are spray irrigation and dust suppression.

Spray Irrigation

Spray irrigation distributes the treated waste water across an area of cleared land. This promotes the growth of vegetation which must be restricted to a permissible level. The water itself sinks into the earth, which acts as a gigantic filter system between the sprinklers and the underground water reservoirs.

ABCO is experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of effective waste water sprinkler fields and offers this product as both a stand-alone installation and as a package deal with most water and waste water treatment plants.

Dust Suppression

Particularly in the northwest of Australia, dust can be a dangerous hazard in all fields of work. In mine work the primary cause of dust is vehicular traffic. The dust generated can cause road accidents or travel to nearby work-sites causing visual and breathing impairment.

To combat this problem many sites utilize dust suppression trucks which distribute water from a pond across the surface of all major unsealed roadways. ABCO promotes and encourages the use of all reject and waste water from their plants for this purpose.