Vacuum Sewage

Designed and built in our workshop, ABCO’s vacuum sewage system can be skid mounted, or installed within a building. Both options have been utlised in recent projects; for example, one in Elizabeth Quay, and another at Broome Port.

ABCO is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of sewage vacuum collection systems. Our experience led to us being appointed as a sub-contractor for a number of new housing developments in the Bunbury area. We installed vacuum collection pits and valves for our client. As opposed to the standard pump system, a vacuum collection system results in a reduction in overall power costs, eliminates the risk of ex-filtration of sewage, and ensures a low-maintenance and cost-effective system. 

ABCO has a proven track record for the design and engineering of a complete sewage vacuum collection system incorporating the following components:

  • Custom designed vacuum collection chambers which can be modified to suit the various depths of the gravity sewer
  • Custom designed vacuum valve pit
  • Engineered vacuum pipeline for transfer of the sewage from the collection chamber
  • Engineered custom stainless steel storage tank that can be sized to suit the client’s requirements
  • Custom skid mounted vacuum pumps sized to suit the system design
  • Discharge pumps sized to meet the client’s discharge rates
  • Odour control system
  • Custom control panels incorporating PLC control, along with the option to remotely monitor the system