Vacuum Sewage

ABCO Vacuum Sewage system is designed and built in our workshops and can be designed to be skid mounted or installed within a building both options have been utilized in recent projects, one in Elizabeth Quays and the other at Broome Port

ABCO is experianced in the design and manufacture of sewage vacuum collection systems. We have been apointed as and experianced sub contractor by the developer to install the Vaccum colletion pits and valves in a number of new housing developments in the Bunbury area that have utalized a vacuum collection system as oposed to the standard pump stations.

ABCO has also a proven track record for the design and engineering of a complete sewage vacuum collection system this involves the following components

  • Custom designed vacuum collection chambers can be modified to suite the various depths of the gravity sewer
  • Custom designed vacuum valve pit.
  • Engineered vacuum pipeline for transfer of the sewage from the collection chamber
  • Engineered Custom Stainless steel storage tank that can be sized to suite the clients requirements
  • Custom skid mounted vacuum pumps again these are sized to suite the system design
  • Discharge pumps these are sized to meet the clients discharge rates
  • Odour control system
  • Custom control panels incorperating PLC control along with the option to remote monitor the system.