Liner Replacement

ABCO Water System offers the service of liner replacements, this is required if your existing liner has begun to perish due to UV, chemical damage also some liners may shrink over time causing them to tear, once your liner is damaged dependant on the position of the damage then this will affect the usable capacity of your storage tank.

We offer two methods of install that for open top tanks and for roofed tanks, traditionally with roofed tanks there has been a requirement to remove the roof sheets and trusses causing additional time and expense while on site, we at ABCO utalise a system that requires NO such roof removal we can make full use of the Manway to gain access for equipment if this is found to be too small or not installed then there is a need to remove only a couple of roof sheets to allow access.

We use suitably graded liners for their intended purpose i.e. suited for Potable water or Waste water. The liners are backed by a manufacturers guarentee of 10 years. Under normal conditions we can remove and replace a liner in an average size tank in 2 days this is dependant on site restrictions and the number and size of the penetrations.