Water Pump Skid

Abco Water Systems have available for sale various water pumping and water sterilization systems ex our rental fleet.
These are available either as is or fully refurbished and available for factory test/inspection
Prices will be very competitive given the current downturn in some mining activities.

Also bolted steel tanks (all sizes 30,000 ? 2,000,000 litre capacity

Pump Skid?

Suitable for the following
Mining Camp 240 persons rated at 300 litres per person per day or
Village or holiday camp 600 persons rated at 180 litres per person per day
Three phase system
Rated to 240 litres per minute (4 l/s) at 57 metre head or 300 litres per minute (5 l/s) at 52 metre head pressure at pump outlet.
Comprises three Ebara 2CDX 120/40 twin impeller centrifugal pumps

  • Duty pump
  • Slave pump
  • Standby pump

Duty pump VSD drive
Slave pump operates (when required) at full speed and the duty pump varies speed to maintain pressure at all flow requirements.
Each pump = 120 l/m at 57 metre head or 150 l/m at 52 metre head
Pumps are controlled by pressure transducer
Shut off when no water available by flow switch
Air tank incorporated to reduce pipe hammer on start/stop operation
Water sterilization is by three Hallett UV sterilizers. Each rated at 113 l/m
These sterilizers have external lamps therefore do not become calcified or overheat when in operation and are fitted with wipers within the water path.
Fitted with diesel back up/emergency pump rated at 4 l/s at 400 kpa
System shuts off when tank low water level through float switch to be installed in potable water tank
Audio/visual alarm to indicate no water or pump failure
Florescent lighting fitted under sun shade roofing