RO & Pump Skids Available for Sale

Containerized System

This system was set up for a 100 person mining camp rated at 300 l/p/d = 30,000 l/d
Maximum flow rate of 125 litres per minute
Alternative in a village or holiday camp for 175 persons rated at 170 l/p/day
Maximum flow rate of 104 litres per minute
Note, Should the RO plant not be required then as a village the number of persons serviced may be increased

6 Metre Sea Container

  • Fully painted
  • 50 mm refrigerator panelling to walls, doors and ceiling
  • Aluminium tread plate flooring
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Emergency exit even if container locked
  • Florescent ceiling lighting
  • Control panel and spare GPO?s
  • The system is set up for either three phase or single phase power supply

Fitted with the following:
The complete pumping system is installed within a wall mounted cabinet offering total security

Water Treatment
His unit is fitted with an Aqua Pro Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plant rated at 8,000 GPH (30,000 litres per hour) offering RO treated water as potable water.
System starts/stops with float switch in potable water tank (optional extra)
A 100 litre antiscalant tank and dosing pump is interconnected with the RO plant operation
Raw water is drawn from a raw water tank. There is a Low Level Stop control for the Raw Water Tank (optional extra).


  • 2 x Calpeda multistage pumps (Model MSXUM 405/A 1.1 kW) each rated at 90 l/m at 35 metre head pressure
  • Each pump fitted with a Calpeda Easymat variable speed drive rated to 1.5 kw.
  • These pumps are jacket water cooled.
  • The VSD is cooled by connection of the cooling fins to the discharge water pipeline therefore suitable for all areas of Australia including the North West.
  • Fitted with small air compensation tank to eliminate any water hammer

All water is filtered prior to being delivered to the water reticulation mains. Filters may be used for sediment and/or taste issues.

All water is passed through a UV sterilizer before entering the potable water reticulation mains. This unit is rated at 130 litres per minute

Back up water pumping system
A diesel pump is connected to the system offering 4 l/s at 400 kpa pressure rating.
This pump is usually connected to the potable water tank and by passes all the electric systems and water sterilization
This pump may be used as an emergency water supply or if fire hose reels are installed to provide water in a fire situation when electric power is not available
This pump is complete with an efficient trickle battery charger to keep the key start operable at all times
This diesel pump requires manual stop operation.

Abco Water Systems are able to supply tanks to complement this water treatment and pumping system
Poly tanks to 50,000 litre or combination of poly tanks to any volume are available
Alternatively Abco manufacture galvanized bolted steel tanks from 30,000 litres to 2,000,000 litre capacity

Delivery plus installation and commissioning is also available if required.