About Us

Andrew Brown & Co Pty Ltd (ABCO) was established in 1948 and has grown to be one of the largest privately owned water and wastewater treatment specialists in Australia. ABCO Water Systems is a family owned and managed company that retains a hands-on approach while maintaining its traditional values and business ethics.


ABCO Water Systems was founded by Andrew Brown in York, Western Australia as a plumbing and hardware store. Over time it evolved into a services company supplying rudimentary water and wastewater treatment systems to the mining and resources sector. In 1997 ABCO Water Systems was re-incorporated with new capabilities, clients, regions of supply and scope of projects, maintaining its firm roots in the mining and resources industry.
With over 20 years of experience, the ABCO Water Systems has a wide and diverse range of clients, both in Australia and abroad, including: Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Burma, Singapore, East Timor, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru and New Caledonia.


Looking to the future

Looking to the future, ABCO Water Systems aims to expand its international EPC and EPCM projects portfolio as well as developing an international operation and maintenance (O&M) portfolio. Furthermore, ABCO Water Systems aims to develop DBOOT projects to span the lifetime of client projects. ABCO Water Systems is looking to forge strategic Australian and international partnerships and create a high-value projects and products portfolio.


Our People

ABCO Water Systems Managing Director Murray Brown has been in the business of water and wastewater treatment for over 50 years. Murray was raised in York, Western Australia and from the age of 10 took over the day to day operation of his father’s plumbing and hardware business, Andrew Brown & Company. Murray spent three years working as an accountant in Perth before returning in 1966 to again take over ABCO’s operations. In 1975 Murray sold the store and for 5 years travelled Australia working primarily in the field of gold prospecting. He spent seven years in Perth doing earthworks in the urban commercial sector, and in 1989 was employed by Ausco working both locally and remotely. In 1997 Murray reincorporated Andrew Brown & Company, based in Darling Downs Western Australia, and began growing the business as a water and wastewater treatment solutions provider. By 2003 the business required a larger premises and so moved to its current location in Kelmscott where it continues to thrive. Today, with his diverse experience, Murray is an invaluable well of knowledge and experience.

ABCO Overview



Andrew Brown & Company maintains its traditional values and business ethics by adhering to a number of strict policies. Follow the links below to read more about these policies.

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Environmental Policy
Quality Policy
Industrial Relations
Equal Opportunity
Smoke-Free Workplace